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Professionally maintained property by Stanaway Farms in Boonville, MO.

Landscape Maintenance & Yard Cleanups

We provide services such as leaf and debris removal, trimming and pruning, weed control, and more to Boonville, Columbia, MO, and the surrounding areas.

Keep your property up with landscaping and yard maintenance services in Boonville, Columbia, and surrounding Mid-MO areas!

Keeping your property well-maintained is a year-long process that requires a lot of time and work. Our team provides property maintenance services that keep your yard clean and healthy throughout the seasons.

Taking care of your landscaping properly is what keeps weeds from creeping up and your plants from being overgrown. We also offer other maintenance services such as fall leaf removal. Ask about maintenance services today for your home in Boonville, Columbia, Fayette, or other Mid-MO areas!

Weed Control

Our landscapers have the tools and materials to lay weed barriers in your landscaping beds, on your property, and even in your driveway.

Underlayment For Driveways

Underlayment is a weed barrier that can be put under gravel surfaces, such as your driveway or a corral. This barrier significantly lowers yearly weed growth. In just four easy steps, our professional landscapers will have your weed barrier installed and your driveway covered back with gravel!

Commercial landscape maintenance at a McDonalds in Columbia, MO.

Commercial landscape maintenance at a McDonalds in Columbia, MO.

Fall Cleanup & Leaf Removal

One of the worst things for your lawn are leaves in the fall. They suffocate your lawn, preventing photosynthesis from happening and nurturing your grass down to its roots. They promote disease and mold, as well as insects. We offer leaf removal so you don't have to worry about it! Set up your leaf removal services now and save your lawn from rotting over the winter!

Landscaping at a commercial building in Fayette, MO.

Pruning & Trimming

Trimming and pruning focus on the health and appearance of your plants. Our team knows when your shrubs, hedges, trees, and plants need maintenance, how often to provide it, and the proper length to trim them to. Routine pruning/trimming will keep your plants from spreading disease and overgrowth. This will also lead to an overall improved curb appeal for your home.

Mulch, Rock, & Gravel

Our greenhouse offers a large variety of mulch, rock, and gravel to choose from to enhance your home's exterior aesthetics. In addition to offering bulk materials and delivery, we offer installation and spreading of your mulch and rock at your home.

Whether you need your materials added to your landscaping or need help adding gravel to your driveway, our professionals can get the job done right!

Landscaping maintenance at a home in Fayette, MO.

Learn more and get pricing for our yard and landscape maintenance services today!

Is it time for your yard or landscape to have some maintenance done? If so, call (660) 882-3400 to speak with a team member where we’ll provide you with guidance and pricing estimates for your property. We are currently offering our outdoor maintenance services to the Mid-MO area including Boonville, Columbia, Fayette, and other nearby areas.