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New landscaping installation at a commercial property in Boonville, MO.

Landscaping, Seeding, & Fencing Services

We handle all of your landscape needs in the Boonville and Columbia, MO areas. Our services include design, removal of old landscaping, installation, seeding, drainage control, and more!

We can handle all your landscaping, lawn seeding, and fence building needs in the Boonville and Columbia, MO area!

Creating your beautiful outdoor space requires hard work and an eye for design. We offer a variety of outdoor landscape services to enhance your property such as plantings/landscape beds, seeding of the lawn, erosion control and drainage repairs, as well as fence installation. These services are available for residents in the Mid-MO area, including Boonville, Columbia, and Fayette.

Front yard landscaping redone with new mulch, bushes, and flowers by Stanaway Farms, in Boonville, MO.

Landscape Design & Installation

Landscaping design and installation is a great way to add color and enhance the visual beauty of any home. Landscaping services we provide include:

  • New landscaping design and installation
  • Removal of existing landscaping
  • Creation of landscaping beds, including raised/retaining beds
  • Drainage repair and erosion control

After your existing landscaping has been removed and the property is prepared for installation, our team will complete the project based on a design approved by you. New landscaping installation includes:

  • Plants, shrubs, and tree installation
  • Mulch, creek rock, and dirt as needed
  • Edging of the landscaping beds
  • Additional landscaping needs as necessary

Part of our landscaping services also includes installation or creation of raised landscaping beds. We also provide drainage solutions and grading as needed to ensure your new landscaping maintains its beauty!

Property seeding by Stanaway Farms, in Boonville, MO.

Lawn Seeding

Lawn seeding services are necessary to bring an existing lawn up to par, or to establish a new lawn so that the grass will remain lush and healthy all year long.


Over-seeding keeps lawns thriving and repairs the damage that occurs over the summer. At Stanaway Farms, we recommended over-seeding your lawn in the fall around Labor Day, prior to heavy freezes or leaves. Over-seeding helps prevent the growth of weeds as well!


Hydro-seeding is a mixture of seed, fertilizer, and additional additives that are combined with water to form a slurry. This slurry is then sprayed onto the grounds. The benefits of hydro-seeding include:

  • A quicker, more unified, germination of the lawn
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Superior erosion control for your lawn
  • Establishes and helps vegetation grow

Front yard in Columbia, MO with new landscaping and fencing by Stanaway Farms.

Fence Installation

We offer an array of fence installation services to deliver privacy, design, and value to your home! We have top-choice materials that range in cost, color, and style to compliment any home.

Chain Link

This cost-effective, maintenance-free option, provides durable safety and security. Chain link fences come in standard galvanized steel, as well as colored options in black, green, and brown. You can have your fence built in a variety of styles and heights to fit your needs.


This timeless classic provides a natural look that brings warmth, security, and a nice exterior design element to your home. As one of the most common residential options, wood is versatile, stainable/paintable in about any color, and is easily catered to individual needs.


A privacy fence provides a number of benefits to a home! You boost property value, define your property lines, and block unwanted noise. A privacy fence is a good option for protecting a water feature that you may have, such as a pool, fountain, or manmade pond.

PVC (Vinyl)

PVC fencing is a maintenance free solution for your fencing material. This fencing provides privacy, is termite and moisture resistant, won't crack, break, or rot, and exhibits no discoloration or fading. PVC fencing adds value to your property and offers up a large variety of colors and style for your home.

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